We create Free Symphonic Rock Music

We create Free Symphonic Rock Music -                F U S O N I C

We create a holistic musical universe, characterized as instrumental melodic and free creative symphonic rock.  We use our own developed evolutionary composition methodology to create the compositions. Our music is often spectacular bombastic, dramatic, but also romantic, sensitive, minimal or psychedelic of nature. While performing live, we play in a trio or as a quartet or in a semi "unplugged" setting. We are based near Amsterdam in the Netherlands. 



Teo  Electric, Nylon, Jazz,Midi Guitar, Bass Guitar, (Alto)Violin
Harry Ickelsheimer Keyboards, Bass Guitar, Electric & Nylon guitar
Ronald Hoogwout Drums & Percussion
Alex van Hoorn Producer, Vocals, Synths, Composer 
Guest musicians:
Sjak Franssen Guest on Keyboards, Mini Moog and Bass Guitar
Egbert Reulen Live guest on Bass Guitar
Rob Schultheiss Studio guest on ethnic instruments
Paul van der Feen Studio guest on Alto Sax

Booking information

 If you want to book us for a concert. Please send us a message through the contact menu. If requested we can perform with live video projections by VJ Christiane.  


9 June 2014: Our cooperation with producer, singer & composer Alex van Hoorn is progressing slow but very well.  The musical cooperation is about the production of the recorded songs for the upcoming 2nd album Field of No Mans Land. Alex is working hard on the final production of the album and as composer and singer he will add interesting elements and some song lines. As a teaser of Alex' musical contributions, hereby a link to the re-produced song Desert Dawn from our first album Desert Dream. He reproduced it and added a song line and synthesizer parts: www.soundclick.com/player/single_player.cfm?songid=12684773&q=hi&newref=1
Jan 2014: New Album Fields of Nomans Land expected
Our 2nd album is expected in summer 2014, a dramatic and mysterious progrock epic called "Fields Of No Man´s Land". The album contains 2 long symphonic suites called Fields of No Mans Land and Journey in the Dark. The already famous and rising star in the Dutch jazz scene Paul van de Feen plays a breathtaking alto saxophone solo on Gold Valley.

Our Inspiration

The great symphonic rock bands from the seventies such as Pink Floyd, Genesis, Yes, Camel, Marillion, ELP, Alquin, Focus, Earth & Fire, Finch, Solution, Big Big Train, Sylvan, Rush, Pendragon, Porcupine Tree, Anima Mundi, Classic and traditional composers as Mahler, Sibelius, Philip Glass, Villa Lobos, and Albeniz.