Album Fields of No Man's Land available now !

Album Fields of No Man's Land available now ! -              F  U  S  O N I  C



Our music is a meltingpot of ideas and experiments in sound and technology converging in our musical Universe, based on the great progressive rock tradition. We avoid musical dogma and are open to the many musical traditions this world has ever heard. The nature of our music reflects our daily life. Ups and downs, competition, politics, war, injustice and havoc. This crazy life and world, it astonishes and scars our souls. The speed of life overwhelms, Internet, social media, connectivity, enriches and alienates, like never before. We create and shelter in music.let our minds interconnect. We dream a common musical world.




Ronald Hoogwout          Drums and  Percussion
Alex van Hoorn Production, Vocals, Synths, Keyboards, Programming and Ebow
Teo Electric, Nylon and Acoustic Guitars, Bass Guitar, (Alto)Violin.   

Previous musicians


Harry Ickelsheimer

Keyboards, Electric, Nylon and Bass Guitar

Guest musicians 

Sjak Fransen Live & Studio guest on Keyboards Mini Moog and Bass Guitar
Egbert Reulen Live guest on Bass Guitar
Rob Schultheiss Studio guest on ethnic instruments
Paul van der Feen Studio guest on Alto Sax


Booking information

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The video art and projections are produced and performed by VJ Christiane.


New Album Fields of Nomans Land released!
We are proud to release our 2nd album, a dramatic and mysterious progrock epic.
With this album we have progressed to the next level of composing, recording and performing. We have enriched our sonic pallet with: mellotron, ethnic instruments, saxophone  and last but not least our new member Alex van Hoorn has added his vocals and has produced this album. The last track of the album contains a contribution of the world famous Charlie Chaplin
On this album, various guest musicians have contributed including the famous Dutch jazz musicians and composer Paul van der Feen who plays a breathtaking alto saxophone solo on Golden Valley.
The Album consists of two large epics: Fields Of No Mans Land and Journey In The Dark. 
We hope you enjoy our music and will be touched by its intensity and emotion.

Our Inspiration

The great symphonic rock bands from the seventies such as Pink Floyd, Genesis, Yes, Camel, Marillion, ELP, Alquin, Focus, Earth & Fire, Finch, Solution, Big Big Train, Sylvan, Rush, Pendragon, Porcupine Tree, Anima Mundi, Classic and traditional composers as Mahler, Sibelius, Philip Glass, Villa Lobos, and Albeniz. 

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- Fields Of No Mans Land: 15 euro